religious facilities can cause collective infections with Christmas events. 암보험 비교사이트는 여기서

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The quarantine authorities are calling for awareness of religious facilities ahead of Christmas on the 25th, saying that collective infections are increasing, especially at religious facilities.

Park Young-Joon, head of the epidemiological investigation team at the National Defense Agency, said in a regular press briefing, “The collective infection rate of religious facilities decreased from October to November compared to other regions, but decreased from other regions.”It has been on the rise again recently. From last month to early this month.

Religious facilities often occur as a group when singing and eating together due to the lack of masks, and should no longer be spread through preparations for religious events such as Christmas.”

On the other hand, Chung Eun-Kyung, head of the main opposition party, said, “It is difficult to shut down all restaurants because the restaurant is a must-have facility.” 암보험 비교사이트는 여기서

However, Chung said, “If problems such as mass infection in restaurants become serious, we will take strong measures such as allowing only take-out.”

religious liberty

This year, the Sincheonji area was greatly affected and a large-scale infection occurred, and in March, 47 people held a religious rally at a church in Seongnam City, and then the corona was greatly infected.

Every time he found a church teacher in Corona 19, he was displeased that some churches’ mistakes lead to all churches’ faults.

Over the weekend, the number of people infected with the coronavirus (corona-19) was the highest daily in Dangjin. On the 12th, two faculty members from Naum Church in Dangjin confirmed about 40 students in two days. 비갱신형 암보험 추천

The reason why the identifiers pour out of the church is that they eat in the church without keeping the streets of society.

The Dangjin area was filled with anxiety and fear, and there were constant voices criticizing the church on SNS.

With more than 1,000 confirmed cases, the government is considering whether religious freedom takes precedence over the safety of the people in the third stage of creating social streets.

The U.S. Supreme Court saw religious freedom as more important in Catholic and orthodox Jewish lawsuits than Corona 19. Administrative measures that limit the number of attendees violate religious freedom.

Meanwhile, the Aeshin First Church presided over by pastor Jeon Kwang-hoon, said it would file a petition on behalf of churches nationwide and make a clear unconstitutional ruling by the government that infringes on the freedom of the people’s religion.

“The face of love is a form of worship, not a face to face,” said a lawyer at the Presbyterian Church. You paid money to go to worship the dominance of a typical Moon Jae-in, saying it violated the principle of separation of church and state amendment to the government asked the court. …Of the Constitution. He added that a public violation of the freedom of worship would make a judgment. 암보험 순위 비교