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U.S. Supreme Court “Religious freedom takes precedence over quarantine.”

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U.S. Supreme Court “Religious freedom takes precedence over quarantine.”

Religious facilities such as churches, churches, U.S. and Jewish churches, which responded excessively to restrictions imposed by state authorities, were mainly supported by the Supreme Court’s lawsuits.

Since religious freedom stipulated in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution requires basic rights even under pandemic conditions, state authorities should prioritize quarantine measures.

The Supreme Court overturned the first and second trials and ruled Tuesday that the church won the case. The Supreme Court referred the case to the Court of Appeals on Tuesday, considering the Supreme Court’s decision.

On Nov. 25, the Supreme Court ruled Jangjong. New York state’s corona quarantine measures, which limit the number of religious rallies to 10 to 25 depending on the region, are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court submitted the report to the state authorities at the cathedral and Jewish chapel in New Jersey on the same day. Religious people won the case one after another.

The state of Colorado has 10 religious activists, but the church insists that this guideline is not equitable to other institutions. According to preconditions such as restaurants, wearing masks is limited to 50 percent, and a maximum of 50 people are taught harshly.

There are only 150 alternatives to this church. a small village with a population of just over zero. The U.S. Department of Justice is actively supporting the church because the nationwide trial is drawing attention to the case filed by the church against the Supreme Court.

In a long letter to the Supreme Court in May, the Justice Ministry said, “Just as it is important to stay safe in tough times, states are insisting that this is not the case even in emergency situations.”It is also important to give up all freedom,” he said.

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision, the Ministry of Justice issued a statement immediately.”It clearly shows that freedom of religion is not second class,” he welcomed. President Donald Trump appointed conservative Supreme Court justice Emikoni Barrett in October amid opposition from the Democratic Party. This is because the Supreme Court reorganized its ideological orientation into six conservatives and three progressive members.


The Christian Church started the opening ceremony instead of the blood donation. Year

The general meeting of the Christian Church of Korea (Christian Church) announced on Wednesday that it would start the year by donating blood instead of starting work.

The meeting was held at the headquarters in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The blood donation was made by Han, executives of the general assembly, and staff members of the headquarters.

Han said, “Due to the proliferation of corona 19, blood supply has become difficult and blood shortages have occurred due to surgeries. The Korean Church’s practice of love through blood donation campaigns has raised the image of Jesus.

The existing general meeting was planned until just before Easter in April. The national church under the General Assembly will launch a blood donation campaign.

The Korean Church Research Institute (Cho Han-gon) announced on Thursday that a revised version of “Father Kim Dae-gon Andreas Letter” has been published to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Father Kim Dae-gon.

The book was included in three biographies published in 1996 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his death as a martyr in honor of Father Kim Dae-gun.

The institute published a revised version to fix the present as much as possible. The misinterpretation and mistakes in Chinese characters increased the number of place names and added annotations. To help ordinary people understand, translated books and de-herbization books were installed separately. 케이뱅크 비상금대출 조건

“It is to support the original text of the researchers,” said the institute said. In contrast to the research, the institute plans to launch an online herb-free service on its website ( to enhance the convenience of using the database.